Company Profile

Dream Consultant Lombok or (hereinafter referred to as DC Lombok) was established as a branch of the parent Dream Consultant Team based in Bali on 26 December 2020.

DC Lombok always strives to provide the best service in accordance with the institution’s vision and mission, namely: providing intensive course and training facilities that can produce quality human resources and bridge and channel those who want to work on cruise ships and on land, both graduates of tourism schools and hospitality and those who are active in hotels and restaurants.

As a course and training institution, Dream Consultant has become a reliable partner for various Indonesian employment agencies in collaboration with several overseas companies based in Europe and America such as the Celestyal Cruiseline cruise ship company which operates from Europe and is based in Cyprus. In addition, Dream Consultant also has cooperation with Indonesian labor distribution agents who have clients engaged in manufacturing, hospitality, and plantations based in Eastern Europe.

Not only that, Dream Consultants have also collaborated with several tourism and hospitality schools to channel the best graduates to work on cruise ships or land based jobs, and educational facilities are also provided for those who do not have experience in hospitality in the form of training schools that are managed independently by Dream Consultant.